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Foot Calluses - 6 Causes and Treatments

Calluses are thickened, hardened parts of the skin or soft tissue, most evident in areas that are subjected to constant friction. Formed as a result of your skin trying to...

8 Delicious Superfoods For Healthier Skin

Beauty begins on the inside, quite literally. Rather than follow elaborate beauty routines while spending hours at your dressing tables, there are easier ways to ensure your skin is happy...

Why is Sunscreen an absolute necessity?

While most of us are no strangers to sunburns, we do try and avoid sunscreens as much as possible. It may simply be the tediousness of applying the lotion or not...

Sheet Masks: Can you use them daily?

Available in a vast array of options, masks can be as simple as a sheet that adheres to the face or a creamy paste applied to nourish, cleanse and beautify...

The perfect skin care summer routine

We all want that perfect summertime glow, but when the weather starts to change from spring to summer, you may notice more dryness or breakouts. This is especially true if...


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