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Spa at home : Luxurious, Convenient, Non-conventional !

Regular skin care regimen can sometimes be boring. Having an urge to feel pampered once in a while is very natural. Of course there’s nothing more luxurious and relaxing than a trip to a spa but it comes at a hefty price. What if you can get that spa like treatment at home or on the go and that too at a comparatively low cost. How is that possible? 

Because of the Sheet masks! 

Sheet masks can be made up of different types of fabrics like non-woven fiber, cotton, hydrogel and bio cellulose. Amongst these Bio Cellulose is the best as its made out of 100 % naturally fermented coconut jelly, provides better absorption , comfortable mobility and adheres to skin just like second skin.

Sheet masks have not become a trend for no reason. Here are some reasons to make sheet masks your skin’s best friend.

  • No Mess, No Fuss Skin Care
  • Facial sheet masks are infused with serums on pre-cut fabrics containing assorted skincare ingredients. They are ready to use when opened and do not require tedious application processes.

  • Hydration
  • Sheet masks have exemplary agents of hydration that soaks in your skin as serum. This technique helps get rid of all underlying dryness and dehydration.

  • Results in just 20 Minutes!
  • The 20-minute mask application makes your skin smoother and rejuvenated, a spa-like result in just minutes.

  • Targeted Treatments
  • They offer flexibility in treatment. Want to calm irritated skin? replenish moisture? make fine lines less noticeable? The serums are formulated to tailor their use to target and correct your skincare concerns and support specific functions. Products like LuxaDerme’s Detox Bio Cellulose mask , Exfoliate Bio Cellulose maskUnder Eye Revive maskRevive & Radiate Bio Cellulose mask are just a few examples of sheet masks which are made specially to target and correct specific skin concerns.

  • Easy to carry 
  • While most beauty items are a nightmare to carry on holiday, a sheet mask doesn't make a mess with it being a sealed pack for a one-time usage. They don't take up room and are easily disposed of after each use. And if it's a bio cellulose sheet mask like LuxaDerme’s sheet mask , you don’t have to worry about the disposal too as our masks are biodegradable, hence environmentally friendly.

  • A Healthy Dose of Pampering
  • A secondary benefit of using these serum infused masks is the stress relief coming from the process using them. Taking some time from the hectic schedule of your life to use these masks for a session of pampering relieves the pressures and fades your fatigue. The results are visible on your face, relaxed and glowing.

    When you visit a spa , you look forward to relax and soak in the experience without worrying about the efforts required. It can be the same at home with a sheet mask. Forget about the mud, clay and jar and reach for a LuxaDerme Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask next time when you are planning for that at home spa experience. 

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