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Does Yoga Help in Keeping Your Skin Healthy?

Yoga, the age-old discipline, has a multitude of benefits. Not only it is a great way to keep your body toned and in peak physical shape, but also it is an amazing way to improve mental health and keep a range of modern-world problems like anxiety and insomnia at bay. While Yoga is indeed a highly impactful, holistic practice, it has several lesser-known advantages as well. One of these is that Yoga is extremely beneficial for your skin! Listed below are the various ways Yoga keeps your skin healthy -


  • Naturally Glowing Skin - 

Yoga has a number of asanas that improve blood circulation throughout the body. A few among these, like plough pose, the child’s pose and the headstand are specially designed, among other things, to increase blood flow to your face. This helps to deliver nutrients more evenly, flush out toxins and keep your skin oxygenated, giving it a matchless glow.

  • Heals Damaged Skin Cells -

One of the cornerstones of Yoga practice is Pranayama, the art of controlling one’s breath. Essentially practiced early in the morning, this exercise improves the flow of oxygen to the cells, healing damaged cells and in turn, improves the body’s natural healing ability. Additionally, deep breathing ensures that the blood in the body is well oxygenated, improving its regenerative properties!

  • Counters Stress and Anxiety -

Amidst our hectic, taxing lifestyles, Yoga is a welcome respite. It promotes a calm mindset and is the perfect tool to reduce stress and anxiety. A regular practice will improve your focus, your output, and your reflexes and show a marked difference in your mental health as well. All in all, when you are calm, composed and stress-free, your skin is correspondingly healthy, supple and glowing.


  • Strengthens Your Immune System -

Lastly, regular Yoga practice is a very good way to improve the body’s immune system. A good sweat worked up during the practice sees the removal of a lot of toxins and impurities from the body. Moreover, it improves blood circulation giving your cells and by extension you, a huge energy boost. When your immune system is strong and energy levels are high, it shows on your skin, keeping it fresh and youthful.

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