Take care of your feet this winter!

Winter may be a challenging time of year.

Your skin is dry and fragile, your hair is frizzy while your hands are rough. While you apply body lotion, oil your hair, you most probably neglect to care for your feet.

During winters, one is very vulnerable to getting their heels rough, dry, and cracked that are difficult to cope with. However, with the correct winter foot care methods, you can keep your feet silky, supple, and smooth during winters.

Wear socks

In the winter, everyone enjoys wearing warm, fluffy socks while laying in bed with their favorite novels and a cup of coffee chocolate.

This will also keep your feet safe from dust, pollution, and severe cold. However, it is important to use Cotton or Woolen socks to enable proper air circulation.

Oil massage regularly

Oil massage has long been used to treat dry skin. It thoroughly hydrates rough, dry, cracked feet on a daily basis, preventing additional damage and promoting swift recovery. Furthermore, massaging also improves blood circulation beneath the skin and helps you sleep better. 

Keep your feet clean

Keeping your feet clean and healthy might help you avoid foot fungus. 

While most people connect foot fungus in the pools. But it may be contacted almost anywhere if you come in touch with an infected surface. Avoid going barefoot, to lower your chances of contracting these illnesses. It's hard to tell where fungi grow or if you're picking them up on your soles as you walk. Maintain a routine for cleaning your feet. 

Avoid wearing wet socks for a long time

When you're outside in the winter, it might be difficult to avoid getting your shoes wet because of the inevitable moisture that can cause bacterial and fungal problems, as well as a foul smell.It is critical to allow your boots and socks to dry before reusing them. 

Moisturize daily

Apply a quality moisturizer daily to soften and cure dry skin as calluses can be caused by dryness which will lead to discomfort and bleeding. Fungi and bacteria can easily infiltrate your foot through cracks.

LuxaDerme has an excellent solution for dry and calloused feet. LuxaDerme’s Peeling & Exfoliating Foot Mask is a pair of socks, infused with a potent blend of ingredients that help in exfoliating  the rough outer layers of skin by revitalizing the feet and revealing fresh, soft skin. It is a multifunctional product to care for cracked and calloused feet.

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