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Say hello to Soft & Supple hands!

When we follow a skincare routine, the first thing that comes to mind is facial skin and the skin on the neck. However, there’s a body part that is exposed to the outside environment and ages fast which is also vulnerable to dryness. 

Well, if you are still confused, we will give you a helping hand. The body part is - Hands!

Dry and rough hand skin is experienced by many people. Whether you live in a dry region or during changing seasons, hand dryness is inevitable. 

We have some remedies that can help you to get baby soft hands. Continue reading this blog to know more.    

Do not over wash hands

These days we wash and sanitize our hands every hour. Frequent washing of hands and hot water baths strips away the essential oils from our skin that keeps us moisturized. Washing is not a bad idea, as it keeps our hands clean and dirt-free. But, it also makes them dry and can cause rashes.(1) Such situations should be handled with utmost care as there are chances of bleeding and bacterial infections. Use a mild soap and a not-so-aggressive hand wash while washing. 


Exfoliation tends to scrub off the dead skin cells. It is one of the most important processes in a skincare regime. The dry and dull shall be shed to expose the new skin underneath. Physical or Chemical exfoliation processes, both are effective to slough off the dead skin cells. It is recommended to exfoliate 2-3 times a week as an effective skincare routine. Excessive exfoliation can lead to irritation.  


Moisturizing regularly will improve the look and feel of your hands. They will look more soft and supple. The dry skin tends to irritate and give a very unpleasant feeling when we shake hands with someone. As hands are the most exposed areas of the body, the cells tend to shed faster. A mild moisturizer will definitely keep the rough skin away and restore the natural moisture. (2)  The best time to moisturize is just after the exfoliation process. 


If you are out during the daytime, include sunscreen in your skincare care routine to protect your skin from sunburn. Cold temperature and low humidity will lead to dryness and to prevent the contact of your hands with the cold air, wearing gloves is an ideal solution.

Hand Hydration Gloves by LuxaDerme are infused with ingredients like Allantoin and Safflower oil that will give your hands a deep rejuvenating boost and hydrating effect.

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