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Quick prep for your skin this Valentine's

February is a memorable month for celebrating the day of love, Valentine's Day, which certainly effuses excitement. So, if you're planning something special for your loved ones, this Valentine's Day, our skincare pampering suggestions will be more essential than ever. Let's talk about some of the skincare issues one might face and a few tips to help you look & feel your best during valentine's Day. Pamper yourself, nurture your body, and you'll be gushing in confidence when you are with your special one. 
LuxaDerme’s Skin Illuminating Kit is the perfect solution for skin problems a week before the Ultimate Day. It offers the best pampering time to you. Each pack in the kit is enriched with proven ingredients to nourish your skin. 
Get ready for a relaxing beauty session at home with the kit that includes a great solution for your face, hands, and feet with products like Revive & Radiate 3 step Tune-Up Kit, Foot Hydration Socks, Peeling & Exfoliating Foot Mask, Hand Hydration Gloves, Brightening Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask and Under Eye Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask. 
Hydrate your hands
Overlooking hands is the most common problem while addressing skincare issues. Our hands do so much work in the course of a day and also age faster than the facial skin. To keep the dry skin away, our skin illuminating kit contains Hand Hydration Gloves to give an instant hydrating effect to your tired hands. 
Nourish your feet
Baby Soft Feet is something that can make us feel happy. Our feet can sometimes get different problems like dryness, cracks, or calluses on feet. Peeling & Exfoliating Foot Mask & Foot Hydration Socks are an excellent solution for all your feet problems. Foot Peeling Mask sloughs away the dry skin and reveals the new soft skin on your feet, keeping it healthy. 
Keep the hydration levels up
We have heard a lot that being hydrated can do wonders for your skin! A benefit to consider is that you might feel less bloated, making it easier to slip into your date night dress and leaving more room for a dessert, post-dinner. Please note, water plays a key role in the functioning of the skin. (1)
Treat those puffy eyes
You're not alone if you wake up with puffy eyes looking back towards you in the mirror. They're frequent, yet they can be hard to handle because of the vast range of possible causes. The good news is that making a few but significant modifications to your skincare routine may provide significant impacts in both the short and long term. This is the time when our Under Eye Revive Bio-Cellulose Mask, which is included in the illuminating kit, is an excellent solution. It deeply hydrates & nourishes the skin in less than 30 min. 


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