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Why is Hand Rejuvenation a Step Towards Prevention?

We are determined to beat the natural aging process or at the very least slow it down and our focus has always been the face and neck. While skincare treatments, healthy diets, daily exercise and never-ending appointments for facials, face-lifts, clean-ups and fillers, become a common part of our everyday lives, we end up neglecting the next most visible part of our bodies, our hands!


What Is Hand Aging and its Causes?

Hand Aging is essentially the same aging process that affects the rest of our bodies except that it is more acute and accelerated!

Our hands are exposed to the sun just as much as our face, maybe even more so since we tend to use caps or hats while doing nothing for our hands. This sun exposure is the biggest factor of hand aging and leads to fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and dark spots. When the UV radiation from the sun's rays penetrates our skin, it damages the DNA causing mutations. This kind of unchecked exposure and the continuous work they do during the day means our hands are not only susceptible to the first signs of aging but also age much faster than our faces. Furthermore, the UV radiation also breaks down the elastin and collagen strands in our skin. Thus, over time the volume and fat on the hands also decreases leaving a noticeable impact and therefore making our actual age much more evident.

Another factor of hand aging is chemical exposure. The detergents, sanitizers and soaps that we use often remove the natural oils, nutrients and moisture of the skin and even cause an imbalance in the growth of the skin’s natural bacteria which are essential for skin health. Due to this, chemicals get absorbed into the skin causing allergies and severe toxic reactions. Cumulatively, these factors leave our skin unhealthy, cracked and dry.


Why is Hand Rejuvenation a step towards prevention?

The most apparent benefit of hand rejuvenation is the improvement of skin texture, leading to a reduction of dark spots, lines and sun damage. Moreover, it minimizes the more prominent veins and tendons of the hands and even minimizes any scars on the hands. The more long-term benefits of hand rejuvenation are the healing and strengthening of the skin, boosting the skin’s barrier function. Apart from deeply moisturizing the skin, it even reduces inflammation and promotes cell regeneration. All in all, hand rejuvenation is the perfect help to achieve soft, smooth, healthy and more youthful hands.

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