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Sheet Masks: Can you use them daily?

Available in a vast array of options, masks can be as simple as a sheet that adheres to the face or a creamy paste applied to nourish, cleanse and beautify your skin. Each mask serves a specific purpose and as such is full of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. That being said, choosing a mask and how often to use it may not always be clear and considering the factors mentioned below will help you make an informed decision -

  1. Type of Sheet Mask
    The most important factor to consider is the basic inherent feature of any sheet mask. Understanding the type of sheet mask you want to use, what it is made of and its function is essential. Whether your skin needs a cleanse or a firming treatment, hydrating or revitalizing therapy, the sheet mask will differ. Using the wrong mask too often may do more harm than good. Therefore, the frequency of usage of any particular sheet mask will depend largely on its type and the purpose it is fulfilling.
    For example: Masks which are nutrient based  and helps to hydrate the skin can be used more than  twice a week while masks which cater to a particular task like skin firming are better used once or twice  a week.

  2. Individual Skin Type
    More often than not, we are led astray by the colorful, enticing nature of the skincare products we see rather than actually understanding what our skin needs. Recognizing your individual skin type is imperative. Is your skin dry or oily? Are you trying to brighten your complexion or combat acne? Choose a mask that perfectly suits your skin’s requirements while the function of the mask will help you to decipher how frequently it can be used.
    For example: If you have oily skin, a clay mask can be used up to three times a week whereas it is ideal to use it only once a week for sensitive skin.

  3. Environment and Lifestyle
    This is undeniably a very important factor while choosing what is best for your skin. Your surroundings and your overall lifestyle largely impact the health of your skin. Do you live in a metropolitan area where your skin is constantly exposed to pollution? Is your schedule allowing you enough sleep? How often do you travel? Is the weather around you cold or humid? While these may seem like vague questions, you must take these factors into consideration when deciding which mask to use and how often to use it.
    For example: If you live a fast-paced life, a deep cleansing mask once a week is recommended.

  4. Recommended Usage
    Every sheet mask you choose will have a recommended usage, a guideline on what will give the best results. These recommendations will help you understand the nature of the mask, optimum application time, frequency and whether or not it can have any side-effects on your skin.
    For example: An exfoliating mask should ideally only be used once or twice a week as over-exfoliating may lead to skin irritation. 

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