LuxaDerme Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

Bio Cellulose Sheet Masks: Is This Skin Care Trend Actually Rewarding?

September 24, 2019

The world of cosmetics can be a really huge, confusing place; more so for those who venture into it for something as simple as a face mask. The plethora of assurance-fueled products exhibiting an infinite array of tempting ingredients is sure to leave you puzzled if nothing else. Tried, tested and perfected, here is all you need to know about why Bio Cellulose sheet masks should be your go-to choice!

  1. Innovative Advanced Technology
    Bio Cellulose is a naturally-grown, organic fiber. With the help of advanced technology, these fibers are produced in a highly controlled lab-environment. They are 4 times stronger than their plant-based counterparts. These nano-fibers create an unparalleled transdermal delivery system, helping optimum penetration and faster absorption of the serum, thereby exquisitely moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

  2. Hydrophilic in Nature
    Being a hydrophilic substance, Bio Cellulose is able to retain 100 times its dry weight in fluid! Due to this superior water retention, even after a 30-minute application, the mask loses less than 10% of its fluid ensuring that your skin gets the maximum benefit and leaving you with well hydrated, glowing and smoother skin.

  3. Coconut-based
    Made out of 100% fermented coconut jelly, the mask helps to  naturally boost your collagen making it substantially more effective than paper or cotton masks. Since these fibers are 500 times finer than tissue fibers, the mask almost immediately locks the moisture into your skin, thus enabling deeper penetration of the serum. This coconut-based implement even cools instantly, regulating body temperature!

  4.  Fits Just Perfectly
    A Bio Cellulose mask adheres to you like a second skin! This amazing nano-fiber structure sticks to your face so perfectly, essentially becoming a second skin. It traces every line and contour of your face, ensuring that all the vital nutrients are in constant contact with your skin. Coupled with its amazing water retention properties, this mask is moist to the touch and is incredibly comfortable to wear. You can literally go about your daily routine while wearing it without having to worry about it falling off!

  5.  Environment Friendly
    While paper masks are often treated with chemicals and even bleach, Bio Cellulose masks are completely toxin-free and  biodegradable. 

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