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How to maintain a basic foot care routine?

Visiting a Salon for a foot pampering session can be sometimes difficult due to the tight schedules that we all have nowadays. However, taking good care of your feet right at your own convenience isn’t very difficult after all. Here are a few effective foot care tips that you can manage right from the comfort of your home. 

Maintaining clean and dry feet

Good cleanliness is the first step toward healthy feet. When bathing, properly clean your feet. After that, thoroughly dry them. Fungal bacteria require moisture to grow, therefore depriving them of any moisture makes it increasingly challenging for them to grow. Make care to dry thoroughly between each toe. Any extra moisture in between toes might foster the growth of a fungal infection.

Get off your sweaty feet

Your feet have a plethora of sweat glands. Perspiration provides the ideal habitat for germs to thrive. Wearing socks that keep your feet dry will assist to keep your feet healthy. Synthetic fiber socks drain moisture away quicker than cotton or wool socks.

Wear footwear that is perfectly fitted

Footwear that is too small might result in long-term foot issues. To counteract foot swelling that happens, shop for shoes that fit you perfectly, and wear socks. Choose a shoe that is broad and rounded, with enough space for your toes as well as a wide, solid heel. Avoid wearing sharp shoes, which can cause toe cramping.

Moisturize your feet regularly

Small cuts and cracks develop on your feet when the skin is dry. These cracks not only hurt but also make feet vulnerable to bacterial infections. When you moisturize your feet regularly the chances of developing cracks reduce significantly. 

Don’t ignore toenails

Bacteria and Fungi thrive both on and under the toenails. Trimming toenails is a good idea to maintain the hygiene of the feet. It not only reduces the frequent toe injuries but also prevents infection in the nails. 

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