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Pedicure Like Never Before - Peeling and Exfoliating Foot Mask

Pedicure Like Never Before - Peeling and Exfoliating Foot Mask

Each day brings a new wave of marvelous beauty products, ranging from flavored lip gloss to wearable manicures. One such trend, which will revolutionize how you see pedicures and the sandal season altogether is the Peeling and Exfoliating Foot Mask -

What is a Peeling and Exfoliating Foot Mask?
A Peeling & Exfoliating Foot Mask is typically a pair of socks, infused with specialized ingredients that help to exfoliate and peel off the rough outer layers of skin by revitalizing the feet and thereby revealing fresh, soft skin. It is a product developed for targeted care towards cracked and calloused feet.

How to use them?
These foot masks are not just effective, but also non-messy and easy to use. Here’s how -

  1. Cleanse your feet with warm water for a few minutes for better results.
  2. Once you clean and dry them thoroughly, put a sock on each foot and tighten it with the sticker link strap.
    *If needed, wear a pair of regular/athletic socks over the foot masks for better adherence of mask to the soles of your feet. 
  3. Remove after the recommended time of use (90 to 120 minutes) & wash your feet gently with water.

While results may vary depending upon individual skin type, in most cases, after 3-5 days the dead skin gradually starts to peel off and in about 8-10 days most if not all the dead, calloused, dry skin will be removed. Soaking your feet in warm water for about 5-10 minutes will help speed up the peeling and exfoliation process. It is advised not to forcibly remove dead skin from your feet and allow it to peel naturally.

How do they work?
A single application of these foot masks is at par with any high-end pedicure you opt for, resulting in soft and supple feet in less than 2 weeks from the comfort of your home. They are formulated with ingredients that help remove dead skin cells and increase skin flexibility. At the same time, they also assist in detaining, moisturize the skin, revitalize the nails and soften and nourish the cuticles, giving you beautiful, youthful feet.

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