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Meet Pentavitin - The new Hydration Hero

Is your skin prepared for your next event?  It might be intimidating to see if your skin is dehydrated and you haven't even begun with an all-around skincare routine. 

In this blog, we are introducing you to a moisturizing magnet for your skin. 

Let's take a look at Pentavitin, the new-age skincare ingredient that is an integral part of the beauty industry.


PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate) is a naturally produced plant extract that is rich in moisturizing characteristics and provides increased skin protection against dryness and sensitivity. 

The working mechanism of Pentavitin 

It is a water-binding agent and emollient. It is an excellent moisturizer that contains natural carbohydrates similar to the ones present in the human skin. It binds to the free amino groups of lysine in the keratin of the stratum corneum and cannot be washed off, resulting in long-lasting moisturization. It also works well on dry hair and in low humidity. (1)

Here are some excellent benefits of Pentavitin

Long-Lasting Hydration

Extended hydration improves the skin's look and comfort. For those with dry and itchy skin, Pentavitin works well. It penetrates deeply into the skin and delivers long-lasting comfort. Dryness and skin irritation are addressed at a deeper dermal layer. According to studies, after the use of Pentavitin for four weeks, users would notice that their skin's surface is significantly smoother, more pleasant, and healthier. 

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Boost moisture levels

The best part of using Pentavitin for skincare products is that the moisture stays in your skin for 72 hours. This property protects your skin from feeling dry and parched for a longer period of time. This is mostly responsible for your skin's elastic appearance.

Skin Rejuvenation qualities

Pentavitin not only moisturizes the skin but also protects the skin from environmental damage and aging. Pentavitin forms a protective layer on your skin, making it resistant to the effects of seasonal fluctuations.

Can’t be washed away easily                                                                                                            

 If your skin seems dry a few days before an event, then there's nothing to worry about. Use Pentavitin products in your skincare regimen, as this ingredient penetrates deep into your skin and remains there for up to 72 hours to restore and moisturize it.

As our hands age significantly faster than our facial skin as they do so much more work in the course of a day, it is important to nourish them. 

LuxaDerme’s Hand Hydration Gloves infused with Pentavitin, Shea Butter, and Safflower oil, deeply moisturize and hydrate deep your skin making it soft and supple.


Suitable for all skin types

Pentavitin is extremely light on the skin and is suitable for all skin types, especially those with severely sensitive skin. It calms and soothes dry and flaky skin improving its overall look.

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An Excellent agent for Hair Care too

Pentavitin is well-known for its emollient characteristics, which aid in increasing the moisture content of your scalp. Pentavitin stays on the surface of your scalp and keeps it hydrated for a longer amount of time. Pentavitin produces a protective layer for your scalp and hair and protects you from the effects of damaging sunlight, pollution, and dust. 

Pentavitin molecules are only a fraction of the size of other moisturizing substances, so they quickly penetrate into the layers of the scalp, bringing rapid moisturization. It gives both immediate and long-term relief from dry, itchy, and irritated scalp.

PENTAVITIN® is improving the quality of our skincare products. This must-have skincare hydration hero nourishes, repairs, and protects dry skin, leaving it in great condition even after hours of washing.

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