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A day to honor and appreciate our fathers

Father's Day embraces and honors the men who have taken on the vital responsibility of parenthood. We honor the enormous commitments they make, for carrying out the task of raising the children, and for lavishing their families with kindness and compassion, dedication, and joy.

We commemorate this day to honor dads who perform a variety of roles for their kids. Be it a supporter, motivator, helper, or friend. Father's Day intends to recognize the significant contribution of dads to our culture and to inspire us to appreciate their persistent efforts and dedication to the family.

A father constantly aids us, shields us from consequences, and inspires our world, whether we are sleeping peacefully with our hands all over him or he acts as an alarm to wake us up. He provides spark and joy to his children's lives, but most importantly, he motivates them to shine brightly. Showing our gratitude towards him, this father’s day is a perfect idea to thank him for all the love and care he has been giving us.


If you're having trouble coming up with the right gift for your father, skincare is an excellent option. We have meticulously curated Father’s Day Pampering Kit for his skin to fight dryness, and signs of aging and get that glow. 


The kit includes:

Peeling & Exfoliating Foot Mask: packed with activities such as AHA & BHA as well as 30+ botanicals to exfoliate dead skin and provide a smoother texture.


Purify & Protect 3-Step Tune-Up Kit: A simple three-step treatment for him that removes impurities tightens pores, smoothes skin, and provides constant hydration.


Foot Hydration Socks: Formulated with clinically proven substances such as Pentavitin and Allantoin to provide intensive moisturizing therapy for dry feet.


Hand Hydration Gloves: Made with Safflower Oil and Shea Butter, it revitalizes and hydrates dry and dull hands.


Exfoliate Bio-Cellulose Face Sheet Mask: Contains Niacinamide, Papaya, and active substances to unclog pores and balance out skin tone.


Under Eye Revive Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask: Contains potent ingredients that decrease puffiness, moisturize, and revitalize the skin under the eyes.


Fathers share a special bond with their children, and every year the globe honors dads for their efforts by celebrating Father's Day. 

Let's come together to make this Father's Day a memorable one for our fathers.

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