The Importance of Skin Exfoliation

May 04, 2015 2 Comments

Exfoliation | Face Exfoliation | Face Scrubbing | Face Mask | LuxaDerme |Skin Exfoliation is the process of removal of dead skin cells on the outer surface, leaving your skin radiant and healthy looking. But before we discuss the exfoliation process, let us first understand our skin more in detail and know why exfoliation process is important for each one of us. 

Our Skin, the largest organ in our body, acting as a protective wrap against brutal environmental conditions, is composed of two layers- Epidermis and Dermis

The Epidermis, outermost layers of the skin which acts as a protective barrier responsible for keeping water in the body and preventing pathogens from entering, also helps the skin to regulate body’s temperature. It is composed of many strata or layers each with a distinct function, cells in the deepest or the basal layers are always active and divide continuously to form new cells. And these new cells are constantly pushed to the other layers thereby reaching the outer surface and forming the external layer that is visible to us. During this process, the cells are filled with a protein called keratin, but once they reach the surface they die and are shed off, being replaced by new cells. This is a continuous process and occurs after every 20-30 days.

The Dermis, on the other hand, is present below the epidermal layer and is composed of tough & resilient tissue which cushions the body against mechanical injury, and provides nutrients to the epidermis and its appendages. Now, as we know that our skin sheds off in a cycle of 20-30 days and an entirely new skin is formed. But, due to certain factors like, aging, changing food habits and other environmental conditions, this process of cell renewal slows down thereby affecting the normal skin condition, and hence resulting in many common skin disorders.

Our skin becomes dull, rough and dry, due to which it attracts dust and dirt, and this may lead to blackheads and acne. Hence, we need to remove the dead skin layers, which can be done manually by cleansing and exfoliating. Cleansing face washes and cleansing creams remove the dust and dirt, but to remove dry dead cells and to give deep cleansing effect, exfoliation is required.

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Exfoliation is involved in the process of facials and can be achieved by scrubbing the skin with abrasives like microfiber cloth, micro beads used in facial scrubs, apricot shells or almond shells, pumice stone, sponges, loofah, brushes etc. on the body.

On Face it is recommended to use facial scrubs that are available in the form of creams, that are applied directly on the skin and worked upon.

Steps of Facial Exfoliation:

1. Choose the right product, depending upon your skin type.
2. Wash your face, pat dry and then apply on face and neck area, work in circular motions, concentrating on forehead, nose and chin.
3. If required you can use rose water or simply water for massaging it on the skin.
4. Do not overdo  as this may lead to  reddening of the skin and if done more vigorously then may cause damage to blood capillaries in the skin.
5. Always follow the instructions given on the product.
6. Wash off with water and apply a moisturizer or toner depending on skin's type to retain moisture and close the open pores respectively.
7. Many sophisticated products are now available in the market, having multi-functional actives which along with exfoliation leave your skin clean, soft, supple and rejuvenated.
8. Exfoliation should be done at least twice a week.

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May 05, 2015

Yes, it really works…


May 04, 2015

Really insightful. I’ll make exfoliation a regular routine for my skin care.

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