Why Use Bio Cellulose Facial Mask

December 06, 2014

Want Some Reasons to Use Our Masks

Our Bio cellulose Facial Mask adds value to your skin care regime. These masks are obtained by using the latest biotechnology by fermenting coconut jelly with Acetobacter Xyllinum Bacterium that provides it immense importance in skin care product range. Because of its three dimensional Nano -Fibril network it allows the active ingredients to get absorbed deep into the skin epidermis.



  • Easy to use: Our mask is non sticky and non messy. It is precut and gives proper fit. Applying it on your face is easy and can be done in less than 30 seconds without taking any one’s help.
  • Perfect fit: Being thin and elastic with very fine diameter it clings to your skin forming a second layer on the skin and transfers all the essential fluids and moisture into the skin. Because of the air tight coverage it provides, the pores opens and enable the skin care ingredients to transfer in the skin more efficiently and effectively.
  • Nutrient transfer: Apart from the goodness of bio cellulose each mask is pre-dosed with specialized premium quality ingredients that vary as per the mask type. These two properties contribute and work on your skin resulting in skin rejuvenation, reducing inflammation, proper hydration and moisturization and imparting smoothness to your skin.
  • Effectiveness: wearing this mask only for 30 minutes gives you surprising results. Its skin brightening ingredients help even tone your skin, reduces tan and hyper pigmentation and makes your skin bright. On the other hand the unique combination of anti wrinkle ingredients stimulate collagen production, lessen fine lines and wrinkles and provides smooth and firm texture to your skin.
  • Get the Spa treatment anywhere: With just 30 minutes of applying this non sticky and non messy mask, you get your desired glowing, flawless and radiant look which is ideal for any special event. They come in durable foil packets hence are very travel friendly and you can carry your spa like treatment anywhere you want.

So, pamper yourself with this premium grade good quality spa facial treatment that will help you reveal your inner beauty by making your skin look radiant, bright, glowing. It will enhance your looks, boost your confidence and will help you stand out in the crowd.


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