Paper Masks v/s Bio Cellulose Masks

December 06, 2014

Facial masks have always been a favorite of most of the Asians and are now gaining increasing popularity in beauty regimens across the globe. According to many, these facial masks are extremely convenient to use and one of the quickest ways to restore radiance to dull, tired skin.

The increasing boom of these facial masks is because of the fact that they offer a no-mess, no-fuss skincare. These masks are generally infused with skin care ingredients which are formulated for calming, replenishing moisture, reducing wrinkles, fine lines or dark spots etc. in short they cover a broad spectrum of functions with a very simple and non messy 20 to 30 minutes application.

It you search on net, you’ll find many varieties of masks available. The fabric used to create the mask makes a lot of difference. These masks can be made out of paper, collagen, tensile, hydro gel or of Bio Cellulose.

Paper masks

Paper masks do not posses high absorbency and tend to dry out quickly when applied. They do not fit to your face properly hence fail to deliver the nutrients and nourishment to your skin. These masks can be infused with any good quality ingredient or can have the best of the formulation for your skin, but as long as they do not fit to your skin and dry out quickly they are not able to impart the goodness of such ingredients to provide required hydration, moisturization and nourishment to your skin. On top of that since they dry out fast there are chances that it takes away the natural moisture of your face making it all the more dry and rough.

Bio Cellulose

Bio Cellulose is the best know mask material for skin care. It’s all natural and made out of fermented coconut jelly. It possesses 3D nano fibril structure which gives them tremendous strength and elasticity. It can absorb 100 times more water than its dry weight. Because of this property it does not dry out so easily and remain moist for a longer time. Its structure resembles to our skin and it fits to our skin like a second layer keeping the essence as close as they can get to the epidermis. It was originally used for therapeutic purposes. Its capacity to maintain moisture and bind to skin is ideal for wound healing specially in case of burn victims. When applied these masks give a cool and soothing effect to the skin which help the patient to overcome their pain. 

Why prefer Bio Cellulose over Paper mask

Bio Cellulose Mask can be slightly expensive than the paper mask but the effect of these masks are far better than ordinary paper mask. You need several application of paper mask to get the get benefits of single bio cellulose mask. The qualities like high absorbency, elasticity, adherence of a bio cellulose mask are not comparable with paper mask. Its adherence quality helps transfer ingredients to the skin providing pampering effect and relieves stress which paper mask fail to do.

We would advise to use the mask and we are pretty sure that you will also see and feel the difference.

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