Foot Peeling Mask v/s Spa Pedicure… What’s Your Choice?

December 06, 2014

A regular pedicure session is known to relax your dull, tired and overworked feet. Many people like to visit a spa or salon for their regular pedicure session and end up spending a lot of money on that. Although the pedicure can be very relaxing, it takes a lot of your time and money and can also be unhygienic at times.

Pedicure at home | LuxaDermeHygiene is something that one cannot be sure about in any pedicure procedure. There are many tools and equipments like clippers, pumice stones, toe separator, nail buffers and foot bath which are used during a pedicure treatment and can be a medium of infections. Ideally they should be treated at 100 degree Celsius for complete sterility but maintaining such high standards of hygiene maybe difficult for many. If not properly sterile it may result in bacterial or fungal infection. During pedicure the calloused and hardened skin of our feet is shaved or cut off. But after few days the calluses come back and this time they are more ugly and hard. Not to mention the more you cut, the thicker the calluses will grow back. Also this puts you to the risk of any open wound and the infections.

A foot peeling mask is the solution for all of these problems. It does a spa treatment for you at the comfort of your home, very hygienically and without any side effects. These masks peel and exfoliate your feet leaving them, soft, smooth and delicate just like a baby’s feet.

There is no risk of cutting the calluses, using unhygienic tools and foot baths which is the hotbed of germs and infections. This treatment is easy to use, non messy and takes only 90- 120 minutes to do its work. You don’t have to spend hours in expensive spa. Using a foot peeling mask therapy helps take out the outer hard, rough and calloused layers of your feet making them soft and smooth.

These foot peeling masks are completely harmless, easy to use and give excellent results and many times even better than spa. After you use the mask, the dead skin from your feet start to peel off in 3-4 days and within almost 10-14 days all the rough skin on your feet is removed.  Since here the skin uses its own exfoliation process to shed out dead and calloused skin, there is no risk of getting them back.

Generally these foot peeling masks are made using the natural extract and compounds that help the exfoliation and regeneration process. They provide complete nourishment and hydration to your feet after all the dead skin is peeled off.  

To conclude one can say that foot peeling and exfoliating masks are an amazing alternative to your expensive spa visit. It helps you get baby soft, smooth and sexy feet at a very little expense and at the comfort of your home and most importantly without any health risk.

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