Ceramide For Skin Health

December 05, 2014

Skin is the largest organ of human body. An organ that is the most delicate and at the same time the toughest part of our body.

Delicate because it is very thin and fragile and tough because it being the outermost layer and most exposed part of our body takes all the abuse i.e. sun rays, harsh weather, pollution etc that we face throughout the day.

Our skin performs various functions. It acts as a barrier to outside world, regulates temperature, and keeps germs and irritants away. It consists of various layers. The outer most layer is epidermis. This layer comprises of fat like material called sebum containing lipids. This intercellular lipid contains ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids also vitamins E and D. Ceramide being present in larger percentage is responsible for maintaining the texture and health of the skin.

Ceramides are a naturally occurring skin fat and form the major component of the outer structure of our skin. It protects our skin from various factors. It acts as glue holding the skin cells tight together and maintains a smooth surface of the skin. It retains water within the cells thus keeps our skin well hydrated and moist. Acting as a moisture barrier it prevents excessive moisture loss from the skin and protects it from dehydration, keeping it soft and supple. Ceramide has also been proved to be acting as a communication link between the cells. Whenever our skin is exposed to harsh chemicals, sun damage or other environmental factors the levels of ceramide increases and thus it produces a protective effect for the skin.

Dry, rough and irritated skin often lack ceramides because of which skin’s protective barrier is affected and cause more damage to the skin and makes it thin.

Levels of ceramide in our skin decline as we age resulting in thinning of the outer layer of skin. Because of low ceramide levels there is more water loss from the skin and as a result our skin looks dry and older. There is also appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Researches have proved that there is considerable improvement in the skin’s moisture levels when ceramides are applied directly onto the skin. A slight increase in the ceramide levels in the skin has significant improvement in the moisture levels of the skin. Thus, applying a good anti aging product is important which contains considerable amount of ceramide that can penetrate the skin epidermis and can make up for the loss that occurs due to aging process.

One can say that ceramide are extremely important and one of the vital nutrient for maintaining the health and smooth structure of skin also to prevent anti ageing symptoms.

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