Bio Cellulose- The Miracle Mask

December 05, 2014

Bio cellulose is a fibrous structure consisting of a network of 3 dimensional nano-fibrils held together by strong hydrogen bonds. It is made from fermented coconut jelly with the help of specific bacteria called Acetobacter Xylinum and structurally it almost resembles our skin. It possesses a very fine diameter and has a high fluid retention property. Because of its unique structural and mechanical properties as compared to plant cellulose, Bio cellulose is rapidly becoming commercially important in various fields.

Under the microscope structurally bio cellulose appears similar to plant cellulose but there are many differences between the two.

Compared to plant cellulose Bio cellulose is,

  • Structurally almost 300 times finer.

  • 4 times stronger, having longer fiber strands hence can be grown into any size and shape.

  • Have features such as a high elasticity and strength.

  • Possesses high water retention property.

  • Can retain about 100 times more water and other fluids than its dry weight.

  • Is not contaminated with pectin, lignin, wax etc.

Bio cellulose for skin tissue repair and wound healing

Owing to its unique three-dimensional nano-fibril network structure, bio cellulose has a high water retention capacity and greater strength, which makes it a natural soothing material for the regeneration of skin tissues and thus helps in wound healing especially in case of burn victims. The microscopic structure of bio cellulose appears almost similar as that of our skin collagen. The network of fibers found in our own body collagen is indistinguishable to that found in bio cellulose. Because of this property it creates a scaffold like body’s very own tissues and has pore size equal to the skin assuring proper moisture content in the wound allowing oxygen to penetrate the dressing while protecting the wound from bacteria. It has been shown to be more effective than other wound dressing materials as it,

  • Protects the wound against infection

  • Accelerates the healing process

  • Easily detaches from the wound

  • Absorbs more heat against burn spot and causes a cool down effect for the wound

  • Maintains proper moisture balance to the wound surface for cure

  • Reduces the cost of treatment

  • Provides painless and easy dressing change to the wound

Bio Cellulose Masks for skin care

Because of its high water retention capacity and tensile strength it has gained importance in cosmetics. It has been used for making various facial masks and has become popular among all. Since its structure is very similar to our skin it fits perfectly onto the skin forming a second layer on the skin. Due to its high water retention property it retains lots of moisture and other essential nutrients for longer and being in touch with your skin can transfer all there nutrients deep inside your skin pores. Its potential lies in its unique property of the never-dried bio cellulose membrane and its high liquid absorbency, and hygienic nature that perfectly cater to the specific demands of skin tissue.


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